Turnaround or growth, it's getting your people focused on the goal that is still the job of leadership.” - Anne M. Mulcahy, Former Chairperson and CEO Xerox Corporation

Business Coach ActionCOACH Lindie Malan

"I highly recommend engaging Lindie as a coach – she has much to offer, especially if you have children in the business or a one-man/woman band – anyone will get great benefits if you pull your weight! - your shock awakening really assists your alignment of requirements and formalisation of systems."

Allan Hider – Source Seating, Cape Town

Business Coach ActionCOACH Lindie Malan

"We attended GrowthCLUB, yesterday, where ActionCOACH Lindie Malan and her team presented a 90-day Business Planning Workshop. All we can say is WOW!!! What an experience! Attendees were able to learn from the coaches, as well as from one another. All and all, a truly phenomenal experience, and we can say with certainty, watch this space for the results.

This workshop is a definite must for any business wishing to truly put together a strategy for growth and success.

Thanks again to Lindie and her team, you guys absolutely rock!!!"

Rita Kleinhans & Nico Venter – Helderberg Elite Skills Development, Strand

"Thank you so much Lindie. The year's coaching with you has taught me so much about myself, of business, the management of a business, relationships with my team and people and so much more. Thank you for the huge contribution and difference you made in my life"

Cornél Janse van Vuuren – Real Estate Agent at Chas Everitt Whale Coast Team, Pringle Bay

Recent testimonial:
"Lindie has been an amazing asset to my business! The growth we have seen guided by her has been phenomenal. I’d highly recommend that any business owner who wants to make a change in their business for the better works with her.

Testimonial from last year:
"I can highly recommend Lindie as a business coach! She has made such a huge difference in my business. The heights it has grown to in the 7 months I have been with her are absolutely mind-blowing. Make a difference in your business and contact her for a coffee to chat about your business."

Tamsin Kolbe – Founder of Social Happiness

ActionCOACH Business Coach Lindie Malan

"My story starts in September 2019.

My business partner and I were in a bit of a rut, business wise. With no direction and feeling frustrated with no inspiration.

How do we grow? Where do we go from here?

Our accountant suggested that we investigate Action Coaching with Lindie.

My business partner went to one of her information evenings and returned with ideas and inspiration already, we discussed it and decided to set up a meeting with her.

We are both not really the type of people that would normally go to something like this, we were both a little hesitant.

After meeting with her, we felt that it was something we needed for our business, both of us have no experience in running businesses and therefore felt we could benefit from her knowledge.

We began group coaching sessions and her guidance and knowledge overwhelmed me at first, seeing how little we actually knew, but then as we went through the sessions discovered that we were already a thriving business and that with her guidance could grow and make our business work for us both.

I began setting up systems and rearranging the staff and their responsibilities. I started training manuals and weekly meetings. We promoted one of our senior staff members to a supervisor, he has thrived and taken over many of the responsibilities that took up a lot of my time.

Monitoring systems put in place and amending them where necessary.

I started to spend more time working on my business rather than in my business.

This takes me up to the day COVID-19 hit South Africa.

I was advised that due to my health that I was high risk and therefore should self-isolate.

At first, I hit panic mode! How will the business continue to run without me there??

It took me a few days to process this all, and then I took a deep breath and remembered this is exactly what we have been working towards in our coaching.

Setting up systems and doing training, the ultimate goal is to have your business run without you.

Working on your business not in it!

So, I went into isolation and started working from home.

I felt confident that the business would be fine.

Trusting the training we had done and systems we had implemented and tested would continue to work without me being there.

I had full faith in the hard work that we put in would now pay off as well as having faith in my staff and their ability to do their jobs.

And it did!

We are now in Lock down and the future of the business is unknown.

However, I spend my days following the advice of Lindie and getting up and showing up!

Continuing each day with a positive outlook and continue to market the business for when one day we will be able to open our doors and continue to provide our services to all our loyal clients and perhaps new one’s too!

In conclusion, I would like to thank Lindie Malan for her ongoing coaching and motivation.
Without her, things would be looking very different for me today."

Vanessa Bond-Smith – Co-owner of Whistle Steam Cleaners, Somerset West

ActionCOACH Business Coach Lindie Malan

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the opportunity to have time to pause, reflect, plan and be re-inspired is incredibly valued and appreciated.

Again I can't express enough how good it felt to be a part of the community you create! 

Justine Renaut – Owner of Kids Company Integrated Montessori & Traditional Preschool, Somerset West

Recent testimonial:
"I’ve had the privilege of being coached by Lindie for a number of years and WOW what a difference it made. Many small business owners don’t have a proper grip on how to leverage the different aspects of sales, margins, team, skills, financials etc to really drive their business forward to reach its full potential.

Too many of us run around with organic growth plugging holes as we see fit without a proper plan for growth and even an exit strategy. Lindie is brilliant at helping harassed business owners plough their way through the chaff and align their businesses to a clear, clean-cut strategy where they really get on top of all the different cogs that make up a fully functioning and highly efficient business system.

Lindie’s knowledge and drive ensures you get a great ally who has your back, especially during the tough times. I would heartily recommend Lindie’s services to any business owner who’s fallen a little out of love with their business or who’s feeling like they’ve lost control over the direction it’s going. And I’d most certainly recommend Lindie as an all round excellent coach and business mentor for those who want to play a stronger game in the market, regardless of where in their business journey they may find themselves.

Testimonial two years ago:
"One of the many questions people ask me is, ‘What would you have done differently if you were starting your business today?’ and my first response is ALWAYS that I would have employed a mentor or business coach from the get go.

In all honesty, I have NO idea how I managed to bring my business through 8 years of trading without having your assistance and input. Sheer beginner’s luck I imagine – and a LOT of hard slog, stress and tears.

I would like to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your guidance and understanding and the frequent pep talks that you give me in order to keep myself accountable as a business owner. With increasingly more difficult challenges being faced by my business, it’s been wonderful to know that I have you as a sounding board, that you’ve got my back, that I can run ideas and crazy schemes past you and most importantly, that you hold me to account for actually DOING everything that I speak about. It’s been a revelation to me to work through the ActionCOACH principles and processes with you. I really enjoy our bi-monthly MentorCLUB sessions and I look forward to each with much anticipation.

I really look forward to continuing our journey together and to really placing Gift Experience on the map and painting South Africa purple!"

Claire Stier – Director of Gift Experience South Africa

"In this time of lockdown, a lot of inspiring groups and individuals came on my path. Lindie you were the first. You created an opportunity for us all to once again realise the worth of us as entrepreneurs and you created a network of support for us all. Thank you for who you are and the way you care about us all – old and new! I listened to your webinar this week and realised how much I’ve learnt from you, and still do and how valuable it was for me in the period you taught me about ‘business’. The video you sent today – we each have a light within us, and the more we rub it clean, the more we’ll be able to see past the clouds around us caused by all the uncertainty of COVID-19. All of my fellow entrepreneurs, Lindie’s video she shared this morning, inspired me to share this movie, Self Made: Inspired by The Life of Madam C.J. Walker, on Netflix with you. Everything Lindie is teaching us, pops up in the way this woman starts her dream. I am busy watching it, so I do not know the end, but want to share it, as I find it inspiring and motivating! Keep safe and keep on “dreaming”!"

Marquerite Steyn, Owner of Red Creative Studio

"Highly recommend Lindie Malan as a Business Coach, innovative, creative, full of vision and wisdom. All businesses should have a business coach, and Lindie is great to walk the journey with you."

Emma Pardoe CA (SA), Managing Partner at Emma Pardoe Chartered Accountants

"I would just like to say that I really enjoyed the session with Lindie Malan.  I took my time to watch it and take notes etc.
I think what she presented was really valuable. I would love to attend more lectures like this."

Lisa Smuts, Student at The Aleit Academy

"I really enjoyed this workshop because I felt that this was the most helpful for me because I would love to start my own business as soon as I possibly could! What stood out most for me is that planning is very important and it is very important to be organized and it is a good thing to be OCD when it comes to your business one day. The one thing I have been hearing while I started studying at Aleit Academy was that consumer relations are very important and Lindie just confirmed it again in this workshop as well. I definitely took that for granted and just made me realise that no matter how big or how small the event will be it is so important to give 100% effort and time because at the end of the day I want to give the same quality service to all my clients because word of mouth is a massive thing when it comes to your own business. That was definitely my favourite realization of this workshop.
Overall this workshop was the most informative for me. The 6 steps to massive results and the explanations that went on further explaining those things helped me a lot and I could say that in the future I will definitely look back on these notes I took on this workshop. I would recommend this workshop to anyone that is looking to do something in a business way.
I just want to thank Lindie for giving us her knowledge and really helping us grow. This was a very fun workshop and I really loved everything about it and I just want to thank Lindie for that."

Simonné Yssel, Student at The Aleit Academy

"ActionCoach has been both a lifeline and life changer for us and our business. Lindie really helped to get a sense of how to work ON our business rather than being caught up in the trap of working solely IN the business. The experience was (and is) extremely rewarding and motivating and has manifested in the wonderful progression of our business. We have come so far and we thank Lindie and her ActionCOACH team for the excellent guidance and support. We look forward to what the future has in store for us, together with Lindie."

Lize and Jeanne-Mari, Founders of Abakus Math and Science Enrichment

"We learned a lot from business coaching and that has helped tremendously in our business, will never be able to thank Lindie and the team enough. I do hope in future I can join the program again, for personal reason as well and not just business reasons."

Marlize du Plessis, Winelands Solar

"Lindie crossed my path at the right time to help my start up business succeed even more. She guided me into the direction of achievable growth which became a reality. Thanks so much for your input!"

Cecile Sasman – post on Facebook Page

"Thank you so much for your very inspiring guest lecture to our 3rd Year Interior Design students. Your talk was an invaluable introduction for our students into the world of business and entrepreneurship. You have really inspired the students to start planning their futures and to think innovatively to create their own opportunities in future. “The best lecture of the year!” as one of the students excitedly commented in our lively discussion after your lecture. A big thank you for sharing your expertise and passion with us! We hope we can work together again in future."

Maretha Dreyer, lecturer at CPUT

"I would like to thank you for the professional coaching service that I have thus far in my journey to realizing my dreams.

I remember the day I decided to go to the 1st 6 steps workshop and I was so inspired to tick off my progress in achieving success. Little did I know that it was so much more than ticking off steps on a list? The Alignment session included my wife and for the 1st time in our marriage we shared our values, goals and dreams. Can you believe that together we even completed an entire SWOT analysis on the business! This was the start of learning a lot about myself and how to strategize & plan working at my business not in it.

That was by far not the most important thing that happened. During the next couple of month of coaching and attending my 1st Growth Club I started to feel much calmer when thinking about work. I found myself sharing some positive stories about my day with my wife who had become so used to my stressed face & sad tales of woe. At the beginning of 2019 my wife took on a more challenging role at her school and for the 1st time in our relationship I feel that I can be her support. This means that I am available to listen and give her emotional support. We have even had open discussions with our children about our plans in taking an overseas holiday together.

That’s is why I feel compelled to say thank you for improving my relationships and giving my life back to me."

Ferdi Brannekämper, previous owner of Express Employment Professionals Cape Town

"The best feelings of gratitude as a coach is when a long standing client gets this amazing, jaw dropping testimony from a prominent South African company!!!

“We had a Board Meeting recently. Brian recently raved about your craftsmanship, dedication, professionalism, can-do attitude and the long and tough hours you have put in over years to help us to build and revamp so many stores.

I felt it in my heart to thank you for all of these on behalf of The Board and our company. It is wonderful people like you who make this world a better place to live in.

Long may this continue!”

I’m so proud of JJ Louw & Heinrich Klein, Twalo Electrical – Lindie Malan, ActionCOACH

"The end of 2017 is drawing near……how do you feel the year went: Did you achieve the success that you wanted? It’s so easy to blame outside forces, the economy, or some or other reason when things don’t go as planned.

The reality is that we need to take responsibility, and find solutions to make sure we don’t repeat the same mistakes.  I personally found 2017 to be very challenging. I felt like I was constantly having to look within to find solutions and solve problems. One of the biggest mistakes I made was thinking I could find the solution on my own, and things would just work out.

We don’t know what we don’t know, but because I have a strong support network I was able to source help from an expert and learnt how to strategise better. This was without a doubt one of the best investments I have made this year, not only for myself but for my business too.

I now know that I am prepared and ready for 2018! I was so impressed by the outcome of the workshop I attended (and by the person that facilitated it) that I’d like to share the “secret” with you. Lindie Malan from ActionCoach….If you’re unsure of what the new year will bring, contact Lindie."

Bridget, Asentiv

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