The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Business Coaching 

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Business Coaching 

The idea of working with a business coach is becoming more and more considered and acceptable. There are many reasons for this from the recent global pandemic and forced lock downs to the very volatile, disruptive nature of business.  It has become critically important for all business owners and leaders to invest in the continuous learning and developing of business skills and knowledge. 

‘Business’ is certainly not for the ‘faint hearted’, the ill-informed or those lagging in creativity, agility and ability to adapt! 

The sobering words of Keith Cunningham in his latest book, called The Road Less Stupid

There is no such thing as a natural business owner. Successful business owners and entrepreneurs are not born with an innate set of skills, that produce business excellence and success. Great business owners work hard, practice, study, test, think, correct, and practice some more. None are infallible or perfect, but all are committed to excellence and mastery of the game. Attempting to win the game of business by trial and error is about the stupidest way to learn.” 

Herewith some frequently asked questions to de-mystify and un-pack the value that a business coach through a coaching journey can add to both a business owner, the business and the team. 

Why do you need a Business Coach? 

Every great performer, whether it is an elite athlete or professional is surrounded by coaches and advisors. 

As the world of business moves faster and gets more competitive, it’s difficult to keep up, ahead and at the top of one’s game. More and more business owners are turning to business coaches to help them develop a winning game plan. It is the awareness of one’s ‘blind spots’ that often results in the best solutions for growth. 

How will a business coach help? 

Firstly, a business coach is truly objective and help you gain some valuable perspective with an outside in view. A real accountability partner towards results and growth. 
Secondly, a business coach is a valuable source of business knowledge, skill, best business practice literally saving you time and money. 
Thirdly, you will become part of an extensive business network of like-minded people, suppliers, etc. After all being a business owner is often a very lonely place! 

Where or how should a Business Coaching journey start? 

An initial business diagnostic meeting with the business coach will provide an opportunity to discuss your business journey to date, some results you have had as well highlighting some challenges you might be experiencing. It is critical that there is a ‘good fit’ between you and your coach – after all this will be a personal relationship built on honesty and trust. 

At this meeting a suitable coaching solution will be discussed and if there is an agreement, the details of when and how will be determined. 

Why do one need to invest a minimum of 12 months in business coaching? 

If you have been in business for some time, you have seen at least some so-called ‘quick-fixes’! We all know that there are NO quick fixes or ‘silver bullets’ in life or in business. At ActionCOACH we work over a longer period focussing on various areas of your business. Every month you will see goals turning into reality with clearly defined strategies and action plans. We guarantee you results within 17 weeks or else I will coach you for free until we do! 

Won’t coaching mean even more work? 

The ActionCOACH business coaching goal is to coach business owners to build a valuable, successful business defined as a commercial, profitable enterprise that effectively works without the owner. 

The last two words are the most important because, in the end our goal is to have you no longer working ‘IN’ your business, but instead really working ‘ON’ your business. This means you will eventually enjoy the real freedom to choose how you spend your time.  Of course starting on your business coaching journey, you will have to set aside at least 5 hours additional time a week to think, plan, execute, test and measure...but things will get easier as you go...PROMISE! You will start to work differently and more effective. 

How much will it cost? 

Your investment will depend on the size of your business and the scope of the change and work you decide on. We will agree on a suitable coaching solution appropriate for your business and the goals you want to achieve. Rest assured, your investment with me, an ActionCOACH, is guaranteed. Yes, we are the first and only business company that guarantees you results within the first 17 weeks, or you will not pay a cent.  

Working with an ActionCOACH is a true investment in yourself and your future! With your acquired knowledge you will be able to apply and duplicate your success over and over. 

How will you know that business coaching will work for your business are your industry? 
Because of ActionCOACH’s global network of business coaches, there is not a type of business or industry that has not been coached with success.  Best business strategies are referenced a shared on a global business coaching portal.