EveryONE EmployONE

What is the EveryONE EmployONE movement about?

We are on a mission to improve our ever growing unemployment numbers in SA. We believe that the only way we will solve this problem is by helping business owners grow their businesses to the point that they can hire at least one more person. If every business in our country hires just one more person, we are able to drop the current unemployment rate by up to 50%. Not only does this mean a steady income for those specific individuals but it also creates a ripple-effect of improving social and personal circumstances within their immediate environments and also their communities.

In line with our ActionCOACH Southern African Vision:
“Thriving Businesses; Impacting Economies; Transforming Communities”

Help us spread the word for EveryONE to EmployONE by sharing these videos on your social media channels to help create awareness.

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