Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Sir Winston Churchill, Former British Prime Minister
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Justine Renaut of Kids CompanyLise van der Berg of Tradevest Logistics

Kat Willemse of House of Vizion

Sonette Smit of Greenmined Environmental


Christo van der Berg of Van Der Berg Home & Office Repairs

Ferdi Brannekämper of Express Employment Professionals
Thoughts after attending a 6 steps information session

Bryan McKay

Edna Marx of Edna Marx Business Consultants

Naomi Malebo of Great Beginning Projects

Pauli Geldenhuys of Paardevlei Therapy Centre
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Hannelie & Brian Duffield of Rental Recipe

Margarete du Toit of Primelogic

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Lize and Jeanne-Mari, Founders of Abakus Math and Science Enrichment
ActionCoach has been both a lifeline and life changer for us and our business. Lindie really helped to get a sense of how to work ON our business rather than being caught up in the trap of working solely IN the business. The experience was (and is) extremely rewarding and motivating and has manifested in the wonderful progression of our business. We have come so far and we thank Lindie and her ActionCOACH team for the excellent guidance and support. We look forward to what the future has in store for us, together with Lindie.


Marlize du Plessis, Winelands Solar
“We learned a lot from business coaching and that has helped tremendously in our business, will never be able to thank Lindie and the team enough. 
I do hope in future I can join the program again, for personal reason as well and not just business reasons.”


Tamsin Kolbe, owner of Social Happiness

“I can highly recommend Lindie as a business coach! She has made such a huge difference in my business. The heights it has grown to in the 7 months I have been with her are absolutely mind-blowing. Make a difference in your business and contact her for a coffee to chat about your business.”


Cecile Sasman – post on Facebook Page
“Lindie crossed my path at the right time to help my start up business succeed even more. She guided me into the direction of achievable growth which became a reality. Thanks so much for your input!”


Maretha Dreyer, lecturer at CPUT

“Dear Lindie
Thank you so much for your very inspiring guest lecture to our 3rd Year Interior Design students. Your talk was an invaluable introduction for our students into the world of business and entrepreneurship. You have really inspired the students to start planning their futures and to think innovatively to create their own opportunities in future. “The best lecture of the year!” as one of the students excitedly commented in our lively discussion after your lecture. A big thank you for sharing your expertise and passion with us! We hope we can work together again in future.”

Ferdi Brannekämper, Owner of Express Employment Professionals

“Dear Lindie,
I would like to thank you for the professional coaching service that I have thus far in my journey to realizing my dreams.

I remember the day I decided to go to the 1st 6 steps workshop and I was so inspired to tick off my progress in achieving success. Little did I know that it was so much more than ticking off steps on a list? The Alignment session included my wife and for the 1st time in our marriage we shared our values, goals and dreams. Can you believe that together we even completed an entire SWOT analysis on the business! This was the start of learning a lot about myself and how to strategize & plan working at my business not in it.

That was by far not the most important thing that happened. During the next couple of month of coaching and attending my 1st Growth Club I started to feel much calmer when thinking about work. I found myself sharing some positive stories about my day with my wife who had become so used to my stressed face & sad tales of woe. At the beginning of 2019 my wife took on a more challenging role at her school and for the 1st time in our relationship I feel that I can be her support. This means that I am available to listen and give her emotional support. We have even had open discussions with our children about our plans in taking an overseas holiday together.

That’s is why I feel compelled to say thank you for improving my relationships and giving my life back to me.

I look forward to be a successful partnership in life for many years to come.”


Claire Stier, CEO of Gift Experience South Africa, tells what coaching did for her business:

“Dear Lindie
One of the many questions people ask me is, ‘What would you have done differently if you were starting your business today?’ and my first response is ALWAYS that I would have employed a mentor or business coach from the get go.

In all honesty, I have NO idea how I managed to bring my business through 8 years of trading without having your assistance and input. Sheer beginner’s luck I imagine – and a LOT of hard slog, stress and tears.

I would like to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your guidance and understanding and the frequent pep talks that you give me in order to keep myself accountable as a business owner. With increasingly more difficult challenges being faced by my business, it’s been wonderful to know that I have you as a sounding board, that you’ve got my back, that I can run ideas and crazy schemes past you and most importantly, that you hold me to account for actually DOING everything that I speak about. It’s been a revelation to me to work through the ActionCOACH principles and processes with you. I really enjoy our bi-monthly MentorCLUB sessions and I look forward to each with much anticipation.

I really look forward to continuing our journey together and to really placing Gift Experience on the map and painting South Africa purple!”


Sonette Smit, Greenmined Environmental, tells how coaching saved her business and converted it into a profitable business: 

“I have started coaching during June 2017. I noticed a Facebook ad one night while lying in bed stressing about my business and finances. I considered it, to be totally honest I thought it is too good to be true and was more curious than anything else so I registered for my first informational session.

My skills definitely lie in what I do as a professional, but the part of running a business was a constant struggle. I was never taught how to run a business like many other business owners. Providing a service is what you do best, but managing a business is completely different. My business was in survival mode, because we were all hard working individuals but it did not show in our figures. After I started coaching we changed from hard working individuals to a well-oiled machine with one goal in mind. We are now not only working hard, but also working SMART. I am focused and not working in my business but ON my business. Lindie taught me to lead and not manage.

When I started coaching my figures stood at a loss of over R200 000 for that financial year, and my biggest goal was just to break even.

Lindie did not help me to work harder nor did she help me change my line of business. She changed me! The way I think and the way I do. Dreams that where bigger than I ever even thought possible are reality today. I still wipe a tear when I look back thinking that millions today came from just not wanting to see a minus figure every month.

The first question in my mind was, where will I find the time? I soon learned taking time away from your business working on your business is key. We went from happy to break even to driven to see profit. What is the point in having your own business if you are not in the position to enjoy the benefits, you can then much rather work for a salary.

Coaching gave me the opportunity to take ownership of my business and today I am amazed of what a change of mindset did. I still lie awake at night though, only now it is to make plans how to manage new projects and not stressing about keeping the boat afloat.   

I am surely addicted to coaching, it is like personal training, also a go to person that confronts me on a regular basis with my insecurities. The moment I fear something, Lindie makes me concur that fear and it leads to only bigger goals.”

The best feelings of gratitude as a coach is when a long standing client gets this amazing, jaw dropping testimony from a prominent South African company!!! 

“We had a Board Meeting recently. Brian recently raved about your craftsmanship, dedication, professionalism, can-do attitude and the long and tough hours you have put in over years to help us to build and revamp so many stores.

I felt it in my heart to thank you for all of these on behalf of The Board and our company. It is wonderful people like you who make this world a better place to live in.

Long may this continue!” 

I’m so proud of JJ Louw & Heinrich Klein, Twalo Electrical Lindie Malan, ActionCOACH


Bridget, Asentiv:

 “The end of 2017 is drawing near……how do you feel the year went: Did you achieve the success that you wanted? It’s so easy to blame outside forces, the economy, or some or other reason when things don’t go as planned.

The reality is that we need to take responsibility, and find solutions to make sure we don’t repeat the same mistakes.  I personally found 2017 to be very challenging. I felt like I was constantly having to look within to find solutions and solve problems. One of the biggest mistakes I made was thinking I could find the solution on my own, and things would just work out.

We don’t know what we don’t know, but because I have a strong support network I was able to source help from an expert and learnt how to strategise better. This was without a doubt one of the best investments I have made this year, not only for myself but for my business too.

I now know that I am prepared and ready for 2018! I was so impressed by the outcome of the workshop I attended (and by the person that facilitated it) that I’d like to share the “secret” with you. Lindie Malan from ActionCoach….If you’re unsure of what the new year will bring, contact Lindie”.