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Does your business have a sell by date……?

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In other words, a sell by date is ‘a time after which something or someone is no longer considered desirable or effective’.  In the current digital age, change is a constant and the ways we always conducted ‘business’ are long gone past.

Such as:

  • A loyal ‘locked-in’ customer base
  • Commercial giants being ‘untouchable’ in terms of market share
  • A significant, well established brand that guaranteed future income
  • Standing in queues…’waiting your turn’

With the digital age comes a term called ‘agile company’. An agile company is an agile organization (designed for both stability and dynamism). It is a network of teams within a people-centered culture that operates in rapid learning and fast decision cycles which are enabled by technology, and that is guided by a powerful common purpose to co-create value for all stakeholders.
According to an article published by Mc Kinsey and Company in January 2018, ‘The five trademarks of agile organizations’, the following trademarks are important:

  • Strategy – a shared purpose and vision as well as sensing and seizing opportunities.
  • Structure – clear flat company structure with accountable roles; fit-for-purpose accountable cells.
  • Process – performance orientations with transparent information; continuous learning with action-based decision making skills.
  • People – cohesive community with a service and servant leadership; entrepreneurial drive.
  • Technology – evolving technology architecture, systems and tools.

All of the above are reasons to ‘not be in a comfort zone’ anymore and to literally ‘wake up and smell the roses’…if it is not too late already…therefore again the questions…does your business have a ‘sell-by date’? 

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