So, I got invited to address a group of business owners

So, I got invited to address a group of business owners and members of the Goldfields Chamber of Business in Welkom today, the 30th June 2017….yes, you heard right…Welkom, in the heart of the Free State!  This occurrence can be regarded by anyone reading my blog as ‘just another event in the life of a coach’! Sure….But, for me personally, this event was VERY special for the following reasons:
Today, exactly a year ago, I launched with a business workshop to business owners, as a brand new Action Coach, at the Lord Charles Hotel! Give or take about 40 relatives, friends, business associates and potential clients attended and I started on this amazing journey! And what an awesome journey this has been! This together with a promise of lots and lots of all sorts of amazing things yet to come!  You see, not everyone gets to ‘do what I do’ everyday…and that is to influence, inspire, train and coach business owners, employers and managers to change, grow and become the ‘very best’ at what they do.

The wonderful reality is that nobody can deny that we all need a little reminder, a tap on the shoulder, a look in a mirror to recognize and admit that time and life passes us by…and soon we will have run out of time to grow, learn, change and realize those dreams and aspirations we ‘once’ had.  In the words of one of my coaching clients during a coaching session, “where have you been all this time? All I did was waste time and money…! If only our paths have crossed some time back already…!”

The second reason why this has been a profound day in my life as an Action Coach, is that I was invited as a speaker and I was paid to do so…admittedly, not a lot of money, but still…I was paid to speak!  And I loved every moment of it! I want more and more and more!  The feelings of anticipation… who will arrive to attend the event? What will they want to hear? Will I be able to “connect” with the audience? How will they respond to my message?  And sure enough, not 5 minutes into my keynote address and I was enjoying myself!

Feeling confident in the knowledge that I have SO MUCH TO SHARE!  I got a standing ovation!

Who would have thought that today exactly a year since my first launch as an Action Coach, that I will be addressing a group of business owners as a paid keynote speaker?!  So this event today, is a testimony to a couple of very important lessons I have learned so far and I want to share with you:

  • Take the ‘next step’, push yourself beyond your comfort zone…life might just surprise you and reward you with so much more than you asked for!
  • Our success in life starts with a decision – make a decision and then act on it! “Do whatever it takes” and you will be rewarded…but you need to act on the idea, the dream the possibility….
  • Having the courage to go out there and be a success, asks for us to have a positive dialogue within ourselves. Be positive, see the opportunities and surround yourself with positive souls.
  • Speak onto the universe your every heart’s desire, believe in the possibility and then go and do the work. In this past year I have coached, with success, many business owners to become better at what they do.

I have presented numerous workshops on how to become better business owners, earn more money, have more time….I have networked, I have had many business conversations, slept a lot less, read a lot more and watched countless TedX YouTube videos…

I can truly say I am doing what it takes and I am being spoiled and blessed in abundance!

Living a purposeful life!